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Improving the lives of children, families and communities by innovating the design of integrated recreational spaces.

Over 20 years' experience and holistic service from our fully qualified team of specialists ensures a quality outcome from initial concept design through to final construction and beyond.


Norwell Outdoor Fitness

Excercise for all
Healthy Active Communities
Static and Movement Based Stations

We're thrilled to be bringing Norwell Outdoor Fitness to the Australian market - representing the sleek quality of Danish design, every fitness station contributes to an aesthetic experience as well as having the function required for a full body workout.

Stations are designed to promote strength, cardio, balance and flexibility and are available in marine grade 316 Stainless Steel or 304 Stainless Steel with marine grade powder coating - meaning a high quality durable investment for a healthy happy community.

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Design Services

Collaborating to bring your vision to life

To meet the demand for unique and valuable designed spaces, Playscape Creations is focused on delivering holistic play environments that meet our clients' individual needs.  Whether draft planning to assist in grant and funding applications or development of full bespoke designs through to engineering detail, all designs are fully customised to suit budget, theme and site considerations.

Our experienced in-house design capability has recently been expanded with Paola Velasco joining our team, bringing with her magnificent design flair and appreciation of how we use our recreational spaces.

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Meet the Playscape Creations Team

Business Development Specialist - Designed Spaces


Focused on connecting clients with the perfect product to suit their needs and budget, Dani's previous design and account management experience is key in fostering collaborative partnerships and ideating unique playspaces.

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Business Development Specialist


With an extensive background in Construction and previous playground design experience servicing Council and School markets, James brings a wealth of experience and outcome focused design methodology to his projects.

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Getting Better with Age

Bespoke Rustik Tower
Something for everyone here

One year on, the playspace at Wadda Mooli Park at Elliot Springs near Townsville is looking just as good, if not more spectacular than the day it was installed - despite extreme weather, floods and plenty of use.  This unique playscape design has helped complement the natural lifestyle appeal of LendLease's community development, providing an attractive recreational space to prospective home buyers.

In Breunig, Hasan, Whiteoak's study from 2018 on the 'Impact of playgrounds on property prices', the existence of even a small playground in a mid range community had a positive effect of over $30,000 on house prices within 3-600m walk of that park (a distance where one can comfortably walk with small children or with a pram).  Lifestyle has become so important to families in their housing choices and our role in the design and delivery of effective recreational spaces not only promotes healthier more active communities, but certainly has a commercial benefit to developers and councils.

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Industry News

When you think playgrounds, do you think of a construction site?  Many don't.  As a parent pushes their child on a swing and enjoys the giggles that echo through the wind, the efforts that created this event are far from their mind.

In the last 20 years as Playscape Creations has grown and evolved to be a business that is highly sort after in the creation of unique playgrounds, which more and more offer a custom design.  By offering the full range of services including design, engineering and construction the impact of a client’s vision are explicitly realised.  As a result of this demand Playscape Creations have taken several measures to ensure that all aspects of the construction delivery are done to best practice standards.  Not only are Playscape Creations a company that are licenced under the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC), but also hold a membership with Master Builders Queensland. Part of the best practice standards includes application of the Master Builders eDocs that enable contract documentation for all contractors to be prepared and submitted electronically.  

Master Builders Member
Master Builders edocs

The ability to provide electronic documentation allows all parties to receive their required scope of works and contract provisions in a timely and efficient manner, all that can be signed electronically too (with just a click of a button).  This system allows effective management of contractors ongoing with reporting functionality to view sent, pending and signed agreements. 

Using the best tools for the job are an important factor both on and off the project at Playscape Creations.  Not only does this mean an organised, safe and efficient construction job site, but also the preparation of trades and paperwork before the construction commences.  Just another way that Playscape Creations are leaders in recreational innovation. If you would like to work with Playscape Creations on your next recreational space or you would like to be considered as a potential contractor (why not work with the best) please get in contact with us.


Strategic Planning

3 Year Strategic Plan

From humble beginnings, to business highlights.  Playscape Creations started as a company that provided rubber Softfall surfacing and over years has grown and evolved to the business that you know and love today.  

The evolution of the business continues and the framework that has recently been put in place marks for a steadfast journey into the future. Playscape Creations has recently undergone a well developed management process in order to establish a Strategic Plan for the business for the next three financial years.  This was undertaken with significant research, investigation, stakeholder analysis, industry analysis and internal and external competitive analysis.   

The importance of understanding both the task environmental and the macro environmental impacts was a high priority within this process.  As a result, the management team were able to cohesively consider what the business needed in order to create aspirational yet achievable organisational goals to achieve within the three year timeframe.  By communicating this new Strategic Plan to the Playscape Creations team, the foundation has been set for a prosperous new financial year.  All staff were introduced to the framework that developed the Mission, Vision and Values that encompass the understanding of why we do what we do, what we want to achieve and how we will achieve it. 


To improve the lives of children, families and communities


Innovating the design of integrated recreational construction


Leaders in recreational innovation


Integrity,Contribution, Growth and Achievement

In line with these fundamental overarching statements the management team created goals for the team that reflected a balanced scorecard approach.  By addressing four key areas for goals the business was able to cover all aspects within the following areas: Financial; Customer; Internal/business processes; and People and Growth.  Within each of these goals, was a clarification and expansion of concept that provided the necessary KPIs for each employee to understand exactly how we intend on achieving these SMART(specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely) goals.

Playscape Creations has taken these measures of creating foundational strategies and future plans as an important part of the business’growth.  Employees have been introduced to the Strategic Plan and are embracing the strategies within each of their individual roles.  

Watch this space as Playscape Creations continues to grow and expand.  There are ambitious goals to achieve and already even more exciting projects in place to help reach these goals.  The future is exciting!


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